Development Services

Since 1977, the principals of Coldwell Banker Commercial Devonshire Reatlly (CBCDR) have asked clients, “What would you like to achieve with your property?” Our development clients say they benefit from CBCDR’s consultation from concept to completion. Projects are only pursued following careful due diligence where feasibility analysis provides the client economic and design feedback. Objectives are then aligned to help determine if the project moves to fruition and an agreement is reached on the project goals and objectives.

Once green-lighted, the CBCDR project team insures peace of mind to the client by providing client services, including financial projections, lease/sale plan, and project management expertise, all in-house.

Upon completion, CBCDR’s property management team is poised to take the reigns, if needed. Full-service property management services allow clients the freedom to enjoy their time away from the day-to-day property concerns and pursue additional opportunities while building their cash flow and net worth. Client satisfaction is received from CBCDR’s development expertise via market knowledge and industry contacts that make the complicated development process become streamlined.



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