Huntington Tower


201 W Springfield Ave
Champaign, Illinois 61820


Building Size: 85,400 SF
Lot Size: 81,480 SF and 150 Space Parking Garage
Tenants: Residential and Commercial Spaces

201 W. Springfield Avenue, Champaign, Illinois 61821

Constructed in 1972, this 12 story professional, mixed-use, office building offers both residential and commercial tenant spaces. An extensive remodel throughout totaled over $2.5 million. The building boasts a total space of 85,400 SF above grade and an additional 7,116 SF below grade in a largely unfinished basement. In addition, the property offers a four level, 81,480 SF, 150 space parking garage. Located at the southwest corner of Springfield Avenue and Randolph Street, Huntington Tower is just blocks from both the University of Illinois campus and downtown Champaign.